Using Data

How can we best serve the residents of Eau Claire County? Eau Claire Healthy Communities believes that the best results can be obtained most efficiently by understanding the community. In one effort to do so, we compile a Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) with consistent input from the community.

When we hear your input, we want to make sure that we have data to track progress and to guide our work. Using the resources listed on this page, we capture a statistical picture of health concerns in Eau Claire County and then utilize evidence-based methods to improve them. We encourage all of our action teams and community members to review data frequently!

Local, Usable Resources

Our action teams will generate resources that are usable by our community members for multiple purposes. Whether you are a community member looking to contact a specific healthcare service or if you are a service provider hoping to broaden your knowledge of local resources, it’s worth looking into our print and digital materials.