Oral Health Action Team

“Oral health has been identified as a key component in overall health, being linked to many body systems. The importance of oral care needs to be understood.”

Why is this an important health issue in Eau Claire?

Data shows a need as there is a rising incidence of tooth decay among very young children. The National Institutes of Health’s National Institutes of Dental and Craniofacial Research reports 80% of tooth decay is found in 25% of children.

Goals and Objectives: 2018-2021

The Oral Health Action Team has identified two goals:

Healthy Communities action teams identify goals and objectives based on root cause analysis, current evidence, state and national plans, and community input, assets, and readiness. More information on this process can be found in our Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan.

Current Projects

This team is working on the following projects in support of the group’s goal of increasing community awareness about the importance of oral health care for children starting at age 1:

  • Increasing awareness of dental homes (dental visit by age 1) through an educational campaign for the community, medical and dental providers.
  • Assessing and determining barriers to accessing or providing dental services to 1 year olds.
  • Creating an oral health resource directory of information.
  • Dental Home by Age One Campaign

For a comprehensive report of our current goals, objectives, and ongoing work, please view our action plan here.

Local Resources

Our action teams strive to connect our community members with the resources that they need to maintain or improve their health. Visit our Local Resources page to get connected with our community’s resources.


  • Oral Health Promotion Action Team created a webinar to teach the community how to play a vital role in tooth decay for young children: Dental Home by Age One: Medical Professionals as Gatekeepers…Ask the Question. While the webinar is directed toward medical professionals, the first portion is also beneficial for all parents and community members who interact with young children.
  • Click here for a list of Chippewa Valley dental providers who accept patients age 1 and older.
  • Our team launched a local “Rethink Your Drink” campaign, raising awareness of the dangers of over consumption of sweetened beverages and tips on how to protect teeth. A successful educational poster contest was also held with elementary school students.

For a full list of accomplishments over the course of  2015-2018 for Oral Health and all of our actions teams, please see the final pages of our Community Health Improvement Plan.

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