Winter Wellness Bingo Challenge- Begins Jan. 1st

It can be hard to stay active and well throughout the winter, but with the right activities, winter wellness can be fun and exciting! The Winter Wellness Bingo Challenge, brought to you by Eau Claire Healthy Communities, is here to support our age 60+ community by sharing ideas to be active and practice healthy habits this winter. This challenge promotes movement, mental health, and healthy eating as action steps towards better health.

“We are excited to offer a wellness challenge geared specifically towards the growing population of older adults in our community,” said JoAnna Bernklau of Eau Claire Healthy Communities. “The Winter Wellness Challenge encourages participants to explore the wonders of winter and embrace healthy habits while enjoying their youthful spirit.”

Starting in January, the Winter Wellness Bingo Challenge will take you through all kinds of activities in Eau Claire and the surrounding areas, including everything from playing in the snow, to eating healthier, to preparing a winter emergency kit for your car. The best part? You can win some AWESOME prizes, including an annual YMCA membership, hiking poles, yak tracks, and more! Here’s how it works:

  1. Find the Winter Wellness Bingo Challenge card here:
  2. Complete as many activities as you can on the board. (1 bingo earns you 1 entry, 3 bingos earns you 3 entries, and a blackout board earns you 5 entries!)
  3. Turn in your completed bingo card by February 24th.

Winners will be drawn after the deadline and contacted via email or phone. We can’t wait to see you out there!

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