Annual Report Released

Despite the broad public health challenges we faced as a community in 2020, Eau Claire Healthy Communities is excited to spotlight the dedication of our members, their achievements, and our highlights from past year. 2020 forced us to think creatively and pivot quickly to adapt to a virtual world, but through it we made strides to increase the quality of our time together, and address complex health issues surrounding mental health, chronic disease, healthy relationships, high-risk drinking, and oral health. Together in 2020 Eau Claire Healthy Communities… 

  • Enhanced collaboration between Action Teams to support shared interests.
  • Increased community awareness of Eau Claire Healthy Communities through social media initiatives and strategic community partnerships.  
  • Maximized virtual meeting time by using break-out rooms to create specialized Action Team workgroups and hosted virtual community events featuring coalition members as speakers.

If this type of community work sounds interesting to you, find out how you can get involved here. If you have friends, coworkers, or family members that would be a perfect fit for Healthy Communities, feel free to share this with them! We value your feedback and partnership and hope to meet you at an Action Team meeting soon.

Click here to read the full 2020 Annual Report!

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