Local Resources

Eau Claire Healthy Communities’ action teams will occasionally generate resources and guides for community members to use. Resources are currently organized by action team and the topic(s) they address.

Mental Health

Navigating Mental Health Services in the Chippewa Valley: This guide is directed at individuals who are looking to access mental health services in the community. The guide includes:

  • Commonly asked questions and answers.
  • List of mental health community resources (local hospitals, crisis lines, department of human services).
  • Definitions of resources (i.e. role of a psychiatrist vs. psychologist) and a mental health wellness check tool that helps a person identify how they feel and what resources would be helpful to them.

Chippewa Valley Mental Health Resources and Services: This resource directory lists most mental health resources and services available in the Chippewa Valley, their location, contact information, and/or hours of operation.

Oral Health

Dental Providers: Help your child grow into a healthy smile! It’s recommended that children have their first dental visit by age 1. Review this list of dental care providers in the Chippewa Valley to see some possibilities. Don’t see your provider on the list? Be sure to ask your provider if they will serve you and your child!

Oral Health Webinar (soon to come): Learn how you can play a vital role in tooth decay prevention in young children, and how a healthy mouth means a bright future! The webinar is directed at medical professionals; however the first 10 minutes are very beneficial for all parents, community members and professionals that work with families and young children.