High Risk Drinking Prevention Action Team

“The  High Risk Drinking Prevention Action Team helps the community understand and avoid the high-risk uses of alcohol, including binge, heavy, and underage drinking, as well as drinking during pregnancy.”

Why is this an important health issue in Eau Claire?

Incidents, injuries or deaths related to high-risk drinking are sadly everyday occurrences in our county.  In Eau Claire County, 30% of adults report binge drinking, compared to 24% in Wisconsin and 16% in the U.S. The cost of high-risk drinking is estimated to be $1,624 per Eau Claire County resident.

Goals and Objectives: 2018-2021

Currently, the High Risk Drinking Prevention Action Team has two goals:

Healthy Communities action teams identify goals and objectives based on root cause analysis, current evidence, state and national plans, and community input, assets, and readiness. More information on this process can be found in our Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan.

Current Projects

This action team is working to create community change around binge drinking through collaboration. The team’s objectives are to:

  • Expand community awareness about why binge drinking is unhealthy, unsafe, and costly
  • Promote an understanding of low-risk vs. high-risk drinking.
  • Increase community collaboration and engagement through the process of building awareness
  • Assess and determine potential policy/practice changes to pursue.
  • In its first year, the team had success influencing an ‘All You Can Drink’ special proposal.

For a comprehensive report of our current goals, objectives, and ongoing work, please view our action plan here.

Local Resources

Our action teams strive to connect our community members with the resources that they need to maintain or improve their health. Visit our Local Resources page to get connected with our community’s resources.


  • Organized “The Cost of Alcohol” campaign to raise awareness about how personal behaviors affect individual and community health.
  • Reviewed social host, sober server, alcohol licensing, and public impairment policies/ordinances to assess the capacity, need for, and readiness of the community to implement a policy or ordinance on these topics.
  • Partnered with local Kubb leagues to host an event to promote the use of “Hello Sunday Morning,” a motivational app and social media platform that allows people to reflect on their personal relationship with alcohol.

For a full list of accomplishments over the course of  2015-2018 for Chronic Disease Prevention and all of our actions teams, please see the final pages of our Community Health Improvement Plan.

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