Community Health Assessment

The Community Health Assessment is conducted in order to more clearly understand the issues our community faces. The assessment also documents the variety of data collection methods used, including: community health surveys, community conversations, coalition meetings, and comprehensive secondary data collection. Eau Claire County identified mental health, substance use, alcohol misuse, chronic disease, and obesity as the top five health priorities out of 14 health areas.


The 2018 Eau Claire County Community Health Assessment was conducted by the Community Health Assessment Planning Partnership Committee. This group strategically joined efforts to assess health in Chippewa and Eau Claire Counties. The Community Health Assessment Planning Partnership Committee is a collaborative venture involving county health departments, local health care facilities, and nonprofit organizations.

The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate and prioritize the health concerns in the county and mobilize the community in working towards improving health outcomes. As a result of the assessment process, collaborative interventions can be implemented to improve the identified health priorities, such as our Community Health Improvement Plan.

CHA Priority Graphic