Drug Use

Why is this an important health issue in Eau Claire?

Use of illegal drugs and misuse of prescription drugs and associated negative outcomes contribute to significant morbidity, mortality, and economic costs to society. Substance use disorder is among the most common conditions that cause disability and carry a high burden of disease in the United States. This results in substantial costs to families, employers, and healthcare systems. Preventing substance use disorders and related problems in children, adolescents, and adults is critical to physical, mental, and community health.

Alliance for Substance Misuse Prevention

The Alliance for Substance Misuse Prevention (Alliance) is an Eau Claire County community-based coalition.  The Alliance aims to improve the lives of children, youth, and adults by mobilizing communities to prevent and treat alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse in Eau Claire County. To find out more and how you can get involved, visit www.getinvolvedasap.org.

Goals and Objectives: 2021-2024

Goals and objectives are developed based on root cause analysis, current evidence, state and national plans, and community input, assets, and readiness. More information on this process can be found in Eau Claire County’s Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan.


Some policies and practices considered by the Alliance and community partners to prevent, reduce, and increase awareness of drug use:

  • Early, targeted, education for youth, families, community members, and local officials
  • Equip community professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognize, intervene, and support individuals with or at risk for substance misuse
  • Increase awareness of how to access treatment, recovery, and support resources in the community
  • Research and recommend policies in various settings (schools, workplace) to promote healthy behaviors and discourage unhealthy behaviors
  • Increase access to harm reduction actions, (e.g., Narcan distribution, safe needle disposal, etc.)
  • Research and recommend policies/strategies to address marijuana use from states where marijuana is legalized

Coming soon! Action plans with current goals, objectives, and ongoing work will be available here.


  • Created 4 short videos to spread awareness about the harms of vaping. The campaign videos included basic education about vaping health risks and how to talk to youth about vaping. The short clips aimed to encourage people to learn more about vaping, use community resources for prevention, and help individuals or their loved ones quit vaping.
  • Hosted Students Against Destructive Decision (SADD) advocacy trainings for youth to learn about vaping, underage drinking, and substance misuse. More than 100 Eau Claire County youth attended the trainings. 100% of youth who attended reported confidence to create an accurate and valid activism targeted at youth risk behavior.
  • Provided 128 doses of Narcan to partners throughout the county. 87 individuals received Narcan training.
  • Collected and disposed of more than 14,600 pounds of unused or expired medication during National Prescription Drug Take-Back events in Eau Claire County. 
  • Distributed 1,947 at-home medication deactivation bags throughout the community as a tool to safely dispose of medication.
  • Provided 1,436 medication lockboxes and lock bags to community members to safely store medication.

For a full list of accomplishments over the course of 2021-2024 for drug use prevention and all of our community’s health priorities, please see the final pages of Eau Claire County’s Community Health Improvement Plan.