Chronic Disease Prevention

Why is this an important health issue in Eau Claire?

Currently, 7 of the 10 leading causes of death in Wisconsin are due to chronic disease, and chronic diseases are among the most common and costly of health problems. Most chronic diseases are preventable, yet most community members agree that healthy lifestyle choices and managing risk factors are not the easy or desirable option.

Chronic Disease Prevention Action Team

The Chronic Disease Prevention Action Team works to prevent the onset of chronic disease by making the healthy choice the easy choice where people live, work, and play.

Goals and Objectives: 2021-2024

Currently, the Chronic Disease Prevention Action team has two goals and three objectives to achieve them:

Goals and objectives are developed based on root cause analysis, current evidence, state and national plans, and community input, assets, and readiness. More information on this process can be found in Eau Claire County’s Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan.

Current Projects

The Chronic Disease Prevention Action Team is working on the following projects to increase physical activity and improve nutrition to prevent onset of chronic disease:

  • Conducting community-wide physical activity campaigns.
  • Promoting physical activity programs for older adults.
  • Conducting outreach to share nutrition information/resources with under-reached populations.
  • Partnering with community organization(s) for annual community wellness event.
  • Implementing healthy initiatives in community food pantries.
  • Increasing access to and utilization of year-round farmer’s markets.
  • Collaborating with local grocery or convenience stores to encourage purchase of healthy foods.

Coming soon! Action plans with current goals, objectives, and ongoing work will be available here.

Local Resources

Our action teams strive to connect our community members with the resources that they need to maintain or improve their health. Visit our Local Resources page to get connected with our community’s resources.


  • Partnered with Chippewa and Dunn counties on initiatives to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity. Strategies included increasing healthy food access at convenience stores, a summer activity passport challenge, and building partnerships through a regional food systems rally.
  • Participated in National Walkability grant, which helped inspire local plans to increase walkability on State Street remodel in Eau Claire.

For a full list of accomplishments over the course of 2018-2021 for chronic disease prevention and all of our community’s health priorities, please see the final pages of Eau Claire County’s Community Health Improvement Plan.

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