Action Teams

Current Health Priorities

In 2018, Eau Claire County released the Community Health Assessment (CHA). Through this extensive CHA process, residents prioritized mental health, substance use, and alcohol misuse as the top three health issues.

Eau Claire Healthy Communities has been working on the identified CHA priorities over the past few years: alcohol use, chronic disease prevention/obesity, mental health, healthy relationship promotion and oral health. After approval of the 2018 Community Health Assessment, Healthy Communities adopted the following health priorities for its 2018–2021 Community Health Improvement Plan:

Table for About Us

Listed below are all current action teams for Eau Claire Healthy Communities:

Chronic Disease Prevention Action Team
works to prevent the onset of chronic disease by making the easy choice where people live, work and play.
Mental Health Action Team
works to increase strong, healthy social connections across all life stages to promote mental wellness.
Healthy Relationship Promotion Action Team
works to promote a culture of healthy social connections in order to create safer and healthier relationships for all.
Oral Health Promotion Action Team
works to increase community awareness about the importance of oral health care and the effects on "whole body" health.
High Risk Drinking Prevention Action Team
works to create a positive change around the culture of drinking in our community.